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"銷售庫存的3萬餘部iPhone4" wah...so many in stocks ! Then why have to let people to queue up and wait for one in the morning ? ECON101 taught me that fixed in supply and push up the price....OMG..

pghk 說...

becuase previously the stock are on fortress hand (except packaged plan). so they can control the supply in hk and hk version has no sim-lock

but the environment change, wislon, broadway and apple store hk will sell soon.

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Both companies belong to the same family and, controlled by the same family ! Anyway, I'm concerned whether, when i5 is launched, the mobile operators are the same or not. Note that the "Number" company previously did not sell any iphones with plans. Plus they are the first in saying the there should be a cap on "unlimited data usage plans"! OMG.